Small schools can change quickly. The world changes quickly. When Chromebooks are the best piece of technology out there, small schools can shift to adopt them in one school year, whereas large public school districts might spend years researching options and training teachers. If you run a choice or voucher school, you know that you can't afford to make the mistakes many public schools have made when it comes to technology. You also cannot afford a huge staff to maintain the devices.

You will want to avoid too many mandates for your teachers, allowing them to adopt the Chromebooks naturally/ Push, but don't push too hard. Too much new tech in one year is always a bad idea, but not using your new Chromebooks is also a waste. If you want to make sure the new computers are used and safer from student antics, then buy covers to protect the devices. We recommend the Cranium hard case cover. They work on any Chromebok, are permanent, and are also great whiteboards. Contact Educabana for more information.

The point is that a small, nimble voucher school can compete with the big public schools when it comes to technology, as long as they don't try to buy Apple products. Love your iPhone all you want--the best choice for your school is a Chromebook with a Cranium.