What's the number one way you look up an organization? I assume it's online, most likely its website. Probably not the phone book (if those still exist) or just by showing up at the front door. 

What tool do you use? Probably a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Maybe a desktop. Probably not calling information or driving in your car. 

I am not wrong on any of these assessments. There's this thing called the internet that is popular for looking up information. There's something else called a website that is your public-facing location on the internet, and it's just as important as your actual location. 

I've been providing free website evaluations for years, but I just began publishing these so that others can learn from the mistakes of their peers. While the initial group of assessments are for Lutheran Recognized Service Organizations, I can do the same for you. Just contact me on the linked website. Getting an unbiased view of your web presence is a good idea. 

Take a look at some of the LCMS RSOs that have been evaluated. See if you can learn from these, but by all means ask for your own free website assessment.