Even though some teachers were teaching classes mostly online as early as 2005, school districts still routinely waste thousands of dollars a year in copy machine costs. However, Wisconsin school districts have come up with a foolproof method for saving money in schools.

In an attempt to save money and utilize our country’s ever-growing prison population, inmates will be trained in transcribing assignments for our nation’s schools in order to cut costs for copy machines, copy machine repair, and copy machine operators.

“Most prisoners speak and write English fairly well,” said a prison warden from Waupun Prison. “We can have a prison bus sitting outside each school and a makeshift scribing station set up inside. One inmate who we affectionately refer to as ‘Tiny’ can copy 200 words per minute with flawless print. We even have a few guys in prison for internet fraud who can draw nice charts and such.”

Schools across the country are said to be lining up to have inmates copy their non-copyright protected materials. “If we see worksheets, we might have to call the publisher to make sure there is no copyright infringement,” admitted the warden. “We wouldn’t want to break any laws.”