My wife uses Google Classroom. Over half a decade ago, I used Google Drive and Google Sites to create a similar classroom. My solution is still better in a lot of ways, and that's really sad. Read this article to learn more about it.

My prediction is that if Google doesn't start to push major upgrades soon with Google Classroom that people will stop using it after its second year in existence. And then it will be a lame duck like Google Sites. No updates or ways to make it better. No real reason to use it unless you hate yourself or find complicating things simple.

I still don't know why Google went to market with something that didn't even work as well as my way of doing things (in article) or Moodle. Sad, really. All they had to do is ask a teacher like me, and there were a few out there. Instead, they seemed to have used the opinion of young, excited, inexperienced, Google-loving teachers who had no intention of fixing anything because they'd never done anything like that before.