The Department of Education and Homeland Security has announced that new standards are being developed in order to measure the standards currently used in schools. “We’re not satisfied until every student is tested and then those tests for testing those students are tested in order to test the testing of those...stan er or students,” said the Secretary.


Current standards have come under attack for being too difficult to understand and to test, so in order to avoid confusion, the government has decided to enlist testing companies to test themselves in order to maintain a standard of standards.


“We’ve got tests and results and standards, and we just don’t know if we’re meeting any standards,” added a senator from West Virginia. “What we can now do is test students, then test the test, then test the standards, then test the students again, then decide if what we are testing is relevant by hiring a group to test the students independently, then the test, and so on and so forth.”


When a teacher who was asked for a comment said she did not understand, the senator returned, “And that’s why we also need to test the teachers, too.”