Zion Lutheran Corvallis
Zion Lutheran Corvallis

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You have choices when it comes to education, even if your state has not adopted vouchers or school choice. The fact is that parents have always had some choice, and all parents must make the decision that makes the most sense for their children. That's why you might choose Zion Lutheran School in Corvallis, Oregon, whether you attend Zion Lutheran Church or not.

The church itself was very welcoming. It was smaller than the other churches my wife and I have attended, but it was also apparent that we would have had friends within the church family immediately. The sermon was relevant, and after listening to others online, that's the general style of the church services. Our kids felt just as welcome as ourselves. We really liked the idea of feeling connected and involved in this congregation.

Zion Lutheran School CorvallisSince many of the students who attend Zion Lutheran School in Corvallis are not church members, it's kind of a different entity, but much of what made Zion Lutheran Church appealing carried over into the school. The bright, large classrooms were so inviting for children and parents. The staff was friendly, and we really felt a connection to the principal. So much about Zion Lutheran School felt right, and we would encourage anyone looking for a school to schedule a time to tour the school.

There are many reasons why parents might decide to choose a quality private school over a local public school. If it's a choice you've been considering, then you might want to contact Zion Lutheran in Corvallis. A great way to test the school out a bit before you decide would be to sign up for pre-k childcare at Zion.

Here's a presentation that shows some of the facilities at Zion Lutheran Church and School in Corvallis, Oregon.



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