Are you a teacher, parent, administrator, or student? Are your kids in public, private, or homeschool? Are you taking the ACT or SAT? Are you rich or not-so-rich? No matter what, you want to help students the highest score possible on the ACT, SAT, or other test based on Common Core or College and Career Readiness reading skills. And you want to do it all without teaching to the test. Good luck, since practice tests are created in a vacuum. They don't relate to your themes or curriculum. Just tests.

If you want to tie your ACT practice to your actual lessons, you either need to create ACT-style reading tests yourself or buy ones that relate to units you actually teach. Basically, you want to use current content to test reading skills. It takes around two hours to write a decent 10-question ACT-style reading test with all the distracters and stems. That's because the test creator is not only looking for the right answer but for wrong answers that will seem right. Not a whole lot of fun creating the quizzes.


But what if you could get your hands on these practice tests that can be integrated with current readings? What if you could practice for the ACT using books readily available in your book room or library? What if you could still teach the same stuff you always have, adding only a couple of class periods to take and discuss these skills-based quizzes?

Me, five years ago, when I was asked to find this kind of thing online: I would have paid any price (with department money) to avoid having to create my own ACT reading and grammar tests. However, five years ago, this kind of thing was not available. ACT tests based on skills levels or standard classroom reading material could not be found, but now it exists.

The following list will give you an idea of what's available for you to use, both on Amazon Kindle and Teachers Pay Teachers. SOME OVERLAP, so read descriptions.

The Catcher in the Rye and Rebel Without a Cause Very Sincere Combo Pack (Three Chapter Quizzes and a fourth non-fiction quiz)

ACT Reading Practice Using Literature (9 Quizzes)

The House on Mango Street Quizzes: ACT-style (3 quizzes)


Classism in America "A Touchy Subject" ACT-Style Reading Quiz / SAT-ACT-CCR Test