Educabana - relax, teach, learn

A few years back, my sister suggested a website for former teachers to exchange ideas. I told her I'd already had kind of a similar idea. It was a learning community, made up of former and current teachers, parents, students, and everyone interested in actually living out the now overused moniker of life-long learner. This is the way to do it. Join Educabana as a Teacher/Student, and you can be just that: a teacher and a student. You can teach academics or how to drywall. You can learn how to garden or math. Maybe your little one got a little behind her peers. Maybe your son isn't good at writing college papers. Maybe you want a new disposal put in and want to learn how it's done without electrocuting AND cutting yourself.


Yes, it's brand new, but it won't take long to catch on if you join. And the reason to join isn't to get rich quick in some pyramid scheme. Rather, you get rich from learning and maybe make a little cash on the side. If you're a tutor, you avoid giving half of your pay away to the company that hires you. If your a student or parent, you have the choice of who you use as a tutor. Nobody needs huge corporations or governments telling them what's right when it comes to tutoring. Join Educabana in order to be part of what's right. 

We need teachers and students right now, but this website makes too much sense to fail. It's the same way that all of us are too good to fail: teachers and non-teachers alike. Sitting around and looking at a smart phone doesn't make you smarter, but if you don't even know how to do that properly, someone can help you at Educabana.

Here's a video I put together to give a very early demonstration of the awesomeness of the website for finding your next learning experience. Please check out Educabana today.



Educabana - relax, teach, learn