Cranium Chromebook Protector for Acer

My friend and I were visiting the other day when I asked about his white laptop cover. I wondered why it was white, since most covers are cool-looking cheap plastic that add personalized design to laptops. He showed me his Cranium Hard Screen Protector for 11.6" Acer C720 C720p C740 Chromebook Laptop. It's way beyond plastic color. It performs a task and does it economically. For a better deal on shipping, order a 10-pack.


I wanted to test it out. He said it would protect the screen from bending and breaking, not the glass side from cracking, which is a separate item. The Cranium sticks to the back, not the front. It sticks forever because teachers know that students will take them off and then knock into a desk. So the Cranium is permanent, but it's cheap insurance for under $20.



The screen did not flex one bit when I carried it the way an uncaring student might. I've used Chromebooks, and I have seen the screens flex a lot. Next, he told me to smash it against the table. Crazy, but I did it, and the laptop still worked. A plastic cover would have broken into pretty, colorful pieces. The Cranium, made from PVC and aluminum and stuck to the screen, just does its job.

Anyone with an Acer 720 or 740 needs a Cranium to protect the laptop. It's a simple choice to be part of your school supply list, which won't even need to include a portable whiteboard, since that's built in. And it won't have to include extra money for a screen that has been bent, either.