As I see another billionaire added to Donald Trump's cabinet, I realize that the swamp has been drained in order to fill government jobs. Are these folks, used to making deals in order to make money, going to work FOR us as citizens? Likewise, do for-profit schools make decisions for the benefit of students first? The idea would be that these schools don't stay in business very long unless that's the case, but my experience with school choice and school vouchers, just like real businesses, is that not all of them stay in business all that long. That's a problem for kids and families looking for stability.

You've heard the argument that over 50% of small businesses fail in the first five years. Think of a new school in the same way. No matter how hard the employees work to help students, there are still owners who want to make money, and if that money isn't good enough, those owners are used to closing up shop. How many local public schools are allowed to go out of business? People would go nuts if that happened, yet it's probably the business plan for plenty of new schools waiting for voucher money. CEOs never lose money when it comes to business deals, and if the deal is to pay one $1 million a year and then go belly up after a few years, so be it. No one is hurt, and it's just a failed experiment.

Just like you might be just a little worried about who is running our country, you should probably be worried about people who run our schools for profit, too.