I am not sure if it's worth all the trouble, but you can create a local FTP account on your laptop.

Download XAMPP and install it.

Download FileZilla Client.

Go to the folder with xampp (C:\xampp\FileZillaFTP) and create a user in the Filezilla server. You'll also have to specify a folder. I used Downloads because I only had a couple to choose from.

Start xampp and enable Filezilla server. Under Admin, you can get the IP address and ports for Filezilla.

Start Filezilla Client and use the IP address, Port 21 or 14xxx, and your username. Password if you created one.



This is basically the same as when you have a host, with your dedicated folder (Downloads for me) representing the folders on the host. Here's how it looks when it's connected to a real host:

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  • 1986 Bertone (Fiat) X 1/9 in Jacksonville

    I've been asked by a reader to add some photos of my X. I don't think she'd mind. 

    I've seen a few people snap photos of her as I drive around, but I've kind of neglected to take many of my own. Her permanent, legal home is in Wisconsin, where most of the photos were taken. 
  • Section 8 Housing In Jax and St. Johns

    I first heard of Section 8 housing when I saw a news story about St. Johns County. That story said St. Johns had some kind of law against Section 8 housing, which resulted in fewer options to house the homeless contingent in St. Augustine. I never looked up Section 8 at the time, though I did wonder how St. Johns could ban Section 8 while Duval can't. I'm still not all that sure about how or why, but I do know most of us don't want Section 8 in our back yards. In fact, I just discussed something similar to Section 8 with my kids, as we drove past the Dunes Apartments next to Ed Austin Park. I said the apartments looked so bad that it might make sense to pull them down and build some smaller single-family homes, which might result in some of the people who no one really wants hanging out in a park being forced to move away. But then one of my kids asked me where they'd go, and that's what makes it complicated. I'd like to say, "St. Johns County," but I can't. And so that means that those of us in Duval who live too close to Section 8 housing will eventually move to where that type of housing can't exist.