Grace Lutheran School Jax

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If you're looking for a good private school in the East Arlington area of Jax, then Grace Lutheran School on McCormick is worth your consideration. Caring and effective teachers. PreK through 8th Grade. Sports included. If you're worried about local Jacksonville middle schools, then a small, private, Christian middle school might be the right fit for you. There are some fancy schools in town that will take a bit more of your money, if that's what you want, but Grace will give you the same commitment to a quality, faith-based education at a lower price. 

If full-price tuition is not an option for you, look into scholarships. Mayport is just minutes away, and there's a new school choice law that helps military families pay for private schools, too. Even if there wasn't, if you are Lutheran and in the Navy, you should really consider Grace Lutheran Church and School for your family. I like to think that I can cut my own hair, not watch cable, and avoid getting that new car in order to help provide the best education for my kids. 


Keep in mind that East Arlington is near The Beaches, Mayport, and Arlington. You might see Mill Cove or Hidden Hills on a map that shows Grace. It's at about the corner of McCormick and Kernan, just past Monument, but you can come from Girvin or Atlantic or Beach without a problem. 

If you decide on Grace, please let the school know that Brian Jaeger wrote this article. I can maybe get a free month of tuition for my kids, which is always nice.