If you move around a lot, or are moving once, and you find yourself in Jacksonville, FL, with a family in tow, then it's worth the effort to check into Grace Lutheran Church and School in East Arlington. You don't have to be Lutheran or LCMS to attend the school, but at a time when you're moving to a new town, sometimes it's nice to find a school that's a lot like a family and adheres to a set of standards, both academic and moral.


Lutheran school teachers know that they are more than just the academic leaders to their students. These teachers are educated to be teachers, but they are also educated in using their faith in the classroom. This provides a stable environment for students and their families. Jacksonville's public schools are probably not nearly as bad as many people think, but you have options and a choice to make. Even if you're not moving to JAX and have lived there your whole life, you'll want to do what's right for your kids and consider all available options for them.

Florida may not offer full school choice like some other states, but there are ways to receive financial assistance if you choose a private school.