If you're concerned about the morals exhibited by your teachers, then a voucher school might be in your future. And there is reason for concern. Here's an article written by a teacher about the work world in which he was a part: http://mcnewsy.com/articles/691-don-t-stand-so-close-to-me-sexual-education-in-menomonee-falls. 


It's sad if an educator who had done nothing wrong can get laid off while the system protects cheating and, to some extent, sexual assaults. After reading an article like that, you have to wonder if administrators have favorites for some reason other than work ethic or character. How many couches are in the school? How does someone move up? Or just keep a job that's on the line?

You don't generally have to ask those kinds of questions about a religious school. Sure, not all voucher schools are religious, but if the local public school exhibits morals like in Menomonee Falls, then maybe a better choice is a private voucher school.