Florida has scholarships, and the new tax plan allows people to use their kids' college funds to pay for schools, so now is the time to get the word out about your private or religious school in Florida. There are all kinds of marketing techniques, but a quality website is one of the most economical ways to get your message out about your school.

Luthernet just put out a free website assessment for EVERY LCMS church in Florida. While this does not necessarily include schools, you can get an idea about the elements that are important to a church website, which is often tied to a religious school website. Plus, Luthernet will conduct an evaluation of your school website free of charge. That includes ALL private, religious, parochial, Lutheran, Catholic, Episcopalian, charter, choice, voucher, online, or public school. A totally independent assessment for free.


Mostly, it comes down to letting people know why your school is so amazing. Websites can certainly help in that regard. Marketing plans can get things started, but it's often going to come down to maintaining real content on the website. A Wordpress website doesn't automatically mean your website is any good--just take a look at the assessments. And ask for one of your own.