James Jaeger Fletcher High School Jax FLSchool plays are not only a great financial investment for your entertainment dollar, they also help support creativity and the arts in local schools. If you live in the greater Jacksonville area, there are plenty of plays you can see on the cheap because of high school theatre. While you can find out from any school in your area when the next play will occur, here's an article that talks about plays at Fletcher High School (at the Beaches). 

Encourage your friends and neighbors to go see live shows in your community, as well. Schools need to show that people will attend something other than boys football or basketball games. Back in Wisconsin where I'm from, both public and private schools did a great job with school plays. I would say the budget in Jacksonville is quite a bit smaller, but the student dedication and talent is fairly similar. 

Adults like to accuse kids of being lazy. It's probably been going on since parents/grandparents and kids have existed. Yes, kids today are lazy in some ways, but in other ways, they work just as much as older generations. Some kids play sports all the time, like multiple leagues and seasons. That's too much in my mind, but I just enjoyed playing the sport rather than all the politics of whether I was playing for the most elite team with the best chance of going pro. The kids who aren't in sports also have options. Many of these options are more academic (and therefore boring) to adults who want to say the kids are lazy. However, many of the academic-type clubs that exist take a lot of time and effort from the kids, and they should be recognized for it. 

You might want to go see the high school band or orchestra perform, and that would be great. You also might want to see a high school play, and I can tell you that these are generally very good. And seeing a play is a lot more entertaining that trying to watch Debate or Model UN or Mathcounts. Those are also wonderful clubs and competitions, but not very audience-friendly. Even when my kid was in the Duval County Spelling Bee, it was pretty much not what I cared to watch. But a play (or other performing arts) can be what you want to watch. 

These kids are talented and dedicated, just like athletes. They have a full-load of other classes and expect to attend college (unlike their great-grandparents' generation), are expected to volunteer (unlike their grandparents' generation), and are expected to take multiple AP-level courses without scheduled studyhalls (unlike their parents' generation). All-in-all, these kids are working harder than previous generations just to get into college, so it's amazing any of them have time for activities.